Saturday, 10 September 2011

New Name - New Mission

While I've been waiting for our fridge to be replaced, I've been thinking about this new diet plan. These last two weeks, I made food plans for 4HB plan, and thought more about the diet. But then, I have decided that I don't want to follow it exactly as it says, because it's not long-term sustainable without changes. (you can't eat any kind of bread/pasta/rice or any dairy except for a cheat day). I'd always intended to tweak it after the initial trial, so then I figured, I might as well start with an experiment that I might be able to sustain. One important principle I will be keeping from 4HB is to have a cheat day. I think that's essential, because that gives one leave to put off eating junk for five days, as oppose to never.

But otherwise, I'm going to put more emphasis on eating healthy, lowering calorie intake, tracking absolutely everything I eat. Now, I do hope to add some exercise to this routine, but my first goal is to change my eating, so if I don't exercise much, I won't beat myself up about it. One thing at a time.

We are hoping to get a replacement fridge tomorrow, but the advantage of this diet - as oppose to 4HB - is that I can start from Monday whether or not we've a fridge because I won't be restricted to limited ingredients and therefore don't have to cook in big batches to save time during working week.

I'm still working on final details of this plan, and will share more details as I work them out.
My goal is to lose 33 lbs. That would take me to my "absolute perfect" weight. I do realise that it may not be very realistic for me, because the last time I was that weight was about 13 years ago. But it's my ideal goal post, so I am going to aim for it, since this is supposed to be a life-time experiment.  

Are you following any fitness regimes or diets? Are you trying to lose weight? I would love to hear about your journey.

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