Saturday, 27 August 2011

Doomed Beginning

I have been planning to start this new experiment on Monday. I got all excited about it, and had a shopping list so I would be prepared. I was all set to go to the supermarket, but first thing in the morning, what do we find? The fridge wasn't working. That put a damper on my plans. I can't very well go and buy all this fresh stuff and I can't cook extra food to store and use over two or three days without the fridge. So currently, I'm still debating whether I will start this challenge on Monday or not. Probably not if the fridge isn't working, because as I have mentioned before, planning is a key to make this successful. I simply don't have time to go shopping for fresh things every day, and then cook every day. So just hoping fridge thing will be sorted soon, and perhaps I won't have to delay my plans. Being forced to change my plans because of circumstances I can't control stresses out the control freak in me to no extent.


  1. Well that sucks - ack! Sorry to hear about your fridge. Of all the appliances to go out right *now*...geez. I hope it gets fixed soon!

  2. You know it does make you realise how much we rely on all the appliances we take for granted. I don't even think about fridge usually, but now that we don't have it, it's sooooo inconvenient.

    Well, postponed my new diet plan, but definitely getting on with it as soon as fridge thing is sorted.

  3. Hooray! I can comment on your new blog! :-)

    There's nothing worse than being all set to start a lifestyle change and have your plans de-railed. Hope you get your fridge sorted out soon so you can get on with the healthy eating!

  4. Thanks Carol :-) Keeping fingers crossed that landlord sorts out this soon.