Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 6 - Result!

It's Saturday morning, and today is my first cheat day. I've already got plans for that, so decided to weigh and measure myself first thing in the morning to check if last five days of healthy eating has made any difference. 

It has. And I am amazed. I expected little difference, but certainly not this much, because get this - I haven't done ANY exercise. 

I have lost 3 pounds. But that's not the most important thing - because as we all know, weight fluctuates by a few pounds, so that might very well be back on tomorrow. No, the important thing is that overall I've lost 4 inches. That is what I am chuffed about. 

Up until now, whenever I've tried getting fit, I've focused only on weight. But I think that's a big mistake, because it only gives you one form of data and it can get demotivating if you don't see any changes, or worse, negative changes. So this time, along with weight I am also measuring Total Inches, which takes into account, waist, hips, thighs, arms, waist, neck. 

And even better news, out of those 4 inches, a whopping 1.5 inches was from the hips. My worst area. All this, and I haven't even had to starve myself at all.

To give you an idea, here is my food diary from Thursday. I keep it in Excel, in extreme detail. So that as soon as anything goes in my mouth, it goes in the spreadsheet. I think it is essential to keep a detail diary, so you can see - as a fact - what you are eating/drinking.

Food Diary:

06:50 - BREAKFAST - 2 Large Hard Boiled Eggs w. Black Pepper
07:15 - Water - 500 ml 
08:45 - Klix Cappuccino
09:55 - Water - 160 ml
10:38 - Klix White Coffee
12:00 - LUNCH - Home-made bean salad 
             Mixed Beans  (240g can), Lettuce, Tomato, Spring Onion, Sea Salt, Curry Powder,  
             Water - 160 ml
13:00 - Klix White Coffee
14:40 - Water - 640 ml
15:30 - Klix Minestrone Soup
15:30 - Water - 160 ml
15:55 - Water - 160 ml
16:02 - Water - 160 ml
18:30 - DINNER - 1 Wholemeal Large Pitta Bread, Home-cooked Lentils, Tomato & Onion 
             Salad with Sea Salt
20:50 - Black Percolator Coffee
21:20 - Water - 640 ml
22:20 - Black Percolator Coffee
23:00 - Water - 250 ml

Some explanations:

  • Klix is the vending machine we have at work.
  • Wherever I've data, I also write down calories in a particular fat, protein, carb and fat content
  • I specifically write down this detail about water is because I have to make a conscious effort to drink it otherwise I either forget, or am too lazy to get up and get it 
So there you have it. That's actually more than what I was eating most days before last week - except that before, most of my calories came from dinner and junk  - because I didn't have breakfast, and usually a can of soup or store bought sandwich for lunch. 

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