Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Day 3

I started my healthy diet regime on Monday, and so far it's been three successful days, despite fate's numerous attempts to throw temptation in my ways. 

So what have I been doing?

First change has been the breakfast. The main plan here is to have protein heavy breakfast. 

On Monday, because my shopping had yet to arrive, I had a small can of red kidney beans. But since then, it's 2 boiled eggs sprinkled with black pepper (and I got to use my new egg boiler). I'm going to experiment with an omelette this weekend for a bit of variety. 

Lunch's been healthy too. I'm keeping carbs low - though not entirely out, because key is to make this a long-term plan. So when I eat bread with meals, I am sticking to wholemeal pitta bread, as I've yet to find anything better than that in terms of nutritional values. I've also spent some time cooking different things, and it's been fun. Left-overs are a godsend for next day's lunch, saving time. 

Dinner follows the same patter. Healthy food. So far it's been Indian style Okra with Pitta Bread, and Cauliflower with Pitta Bread, both with salads. 

I'm drinking more water. I simply can't manage to drink 8 glasses (4 litres). But by the end of the night, I get closer to 2.5 or 3 litres at the most. Though as a result of trying to drink more water, coffee intake at work as decreased - which is a good thing as I used to have endless parade of vending machine cappuccino or hot chocolate or mocha. So now, I've limited myself to one cappuccino and then coffee, though on really bad days, I might have a couple more :P 

So the temptation I was talking about ....well on Monday, there were two lots of cakes at work, all the chocolate muffins, and brownies staring at me, yet I resisted. Then there was the temptation to eat more of my favourite food, which I didn't. Now, I've been invited to a work dinner on Monday, and I said I'm busy (it's too early to start making exceptions). Saturdays are my junk eating days for now. 

Currently, regular exercise isn't part of my routine, because I really need to sort out when exactly can I do it. For now, I'm focusing on healthy eating, and will try to introduce little bit of regular exercise as I go. 

What about your fitness routines, goals, diets? How are you keeping up?

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